Schoenstatt Tampa Bay Wayside Shrine

Welcome to the Schoenstatt Tampa Bay Wayside Shrine, a beacon of faith and devotion in our community. Located at 820 Jasmine Way, Clearwater, FL 33756, the shrine stands as a testament to our commitment to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ, following the example of the Blessed Mother.

A serene view of the Schoenstatt Wayside Shrine in Clearwater, Florida, under a clear blue sky. In the foreground, Father Carlos Rojas stands and faces the image of the Virgin Mother.

Our Story

The Schoenstatt Tampa Bay Wayside Shrine was blessed on October 18, 2023, by Bishop Parkes, marking a significant milestone for the Schoenstatt Tampa Bay community. Our Wayside shrine is part of the global Schoenstatt Apostolic Movement, which has built around 193 shrines in 31 countries worldwide. Each shrine is an exact replica of the Original Shrine in Germany, embodying a unique spirituality within the church.

Bishop Parkes Blessing the Schoenstatt Tampa Bay Wayside Shrine

The Blessing of the New Marian Shrine

On October 18, 2023, members of the Schoenstatt Tampa Bay community gathered at St. Cecelia Catholic Church in Clearwater for a Mass and blessing of the Schoenstatt Tampa Bay Wayside Shrine by Bishop Parkes. It was a day of joy and spiritual renewal, with 24 pilgrims consecrating themselves to the covenant of love.

During the ceremony, each participant pledged to deepen their relationship with Mary, the Mother Thrice Admirable (MTA) of Schoenstatt. This consecration allows full participation in the stream of life and graces, bringing individuals closer to their faith and the church community.

To read more about this special event, please visit the article “Blessing of the New Marian Shrine” on the Gulf Coast Catholic website.

Bishop Parkes and Father Carlos Rojas at the Wayside Shrine in Clearwater

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We invite you to visit the Schoenstatt Tampa Bay Wayside Shrine to experience the peace and grace it offers. Whether you wish to join us for a service or spend some quiet time in prayer, you are always welcome.


820 Jasmine Way
Clearwater, FL 3375

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