Explore Our Branches at Schoenstatt Tampa Bay

At Schoenstatt Tampa Bay, we are proud to offer a diverse range of branches that cater to different age groups and stages of life. We invite you to explore what each branch offers and embark on your spiritual journey with us.

Girls & Young Women

Our Girls & Young Women branch encourages young women to embody the grace of Mary in their lives. We provide a supportive environment for spiritual growth and personal evolution, inspiring our members to live their faith deeply every day.

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Members of the Girls and Young Women Branch of Schoenstatt Tampa Bay, alongside Father Carlos Rojas, pose in front of the Wayside Shrine. The group, radiating enthusiasm and unity, stands together in a moment of fellowship and spiritual connection, with the shrine offering a serene and meaningful backdrop."
A group of devoted Schoenstatt Tampa Bay pilgrim MTA followers proudly displaying their home shrines, each uniquely decorated with religious icons and flowers, symbolizing their personal dedication and spiritual connection to the movement.

Mothers and Women

The Mothers and Women branch is a fellowship of women united by devotion to Mary and her teachings. We strive to reflect Mary’s virtues in our lives, fostering a spirit of faith, hope, and love within our families and communities.

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Pilgrim Mother Apostolate

The Pilgrim Mother Apostolate invites individuals and families to welcome the Pilgrim Mother into their homes, creating a deeper bond with Mary and her teachings. This branch promotes a strong sense of community among its members through devotion to Mary.

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Members of the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother Tampa Bay group stand united in front of the Wayside Shrine in Clearwater, Florida, their faces reflecting devotion and joy. The shrine serves as a poignant backdrop, symbolizing their spiritual journey and commitment to the Schoenstatt movement.
The Madrugadores apostolate group gathered inside a church, surrounding Father Carlos Rojas. They are engaged in prayer and fellowship, embodying a sense of community and spiritual dedication in a serene and sacred setting.

Madrugadores Apostolate

The Madrugadores Apostolate offers a unique spiritual journey. This group, aptly named ‘early risers,’ convenes for early morning prayer and reflection, fostering camaraderie and a deepening faith among its members.

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