Pilgrim Mother Apostolate of Schoenstatt Tampa Bay

"Uplifting the world's heart to God with Mary."

The Pilgrim Mother Apostolate is a vibrant branch of Schoenstatt Tampa Bay, centered around the Campaign of the Pilgrim Virgin of Schoenstatt. This initiative invites individuals and families to welcome the image of the Thrice Admirable Mother of Schoenstatt into their homes, fostering a deeper connection with Jesus Christ and Mary.

Members of the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother Tampa Bay group stand united in front of the Wayside Shrine in Clearwater, Florida, their faces reflecting devotion and joy. The shrine serves as a poignant backdrop, symbolizing their spiritual journey and commitment to the Schoenstatt movement.

The Journey of the Pilgrim Virgin of Schoenstatt

The Thrice Admirable Mother of Schoenstatt leaves her spiritual home in the Schoenstatt Sanctuary to bless the faithful worldwide. Her presence is an invitation to open hearts and receive her divine grace. Through this sacred image, believers can experience God’s loving embrace, strengthening their faith and devotion.
A group of devoted Schoenstatt Tampa Bay pilgrim MTA followers proudly displaying their home shrines, each uniquely decorated with religious icons and flowers, symbolizing their personal dedication and spiritual connection to the movement.

The Mission of the Pilgrim Virgin

The Pilgrim Virgin of Schoenstatt is at the heart of this faith initiative within the Schoenstatt Apostolic Movement. Her mission is to travel from one place to another, touching lives and revitalizing the faith of every person and community she encounters. Just as Mary brought the presence of Christ to the world during her visit to her cousin Elizabeth, her mission continues today through her pilgrim presence, offering comfort and hope.

Pilgrim Mother Apostolate Members of Schoenstatt Tampa Bay in front of the Wayside Shrine in Clearwater

The Impact of the Pilgrim Virgin

This initiative supports family prayer and aims to rejuvenate faith through commitment to the Church. By welcoming her spiritual presence directly from the Schoenstatt Sanctuary, our homes and hearts can become sanctuaries of hope and love, filled with divine grace and strength to live according to our faith. Countless individuals from all continents have welcomed the Pilgrim Virgin of Schoenstatt into their communities, parishes, and homes.

ES: Solemnidad de María, Madre de Dios

A Brief History of the Pilgrim Mother Apostolate

The history of this spiritual initiative began in the Holy Year of 1950 when Pope Pius XII urged Catholics to make a pilgrimage to Rome. Joao Luiz Pozzobon, a member of the Schoenstatt Movement in Brazil, received the task of carrying the image of the Thrice Admirable Mother of Schoenstatt among local families, promoting devotion and faith. He accepted this divine mission and traveled over 85,000 miles with the image for 35 years, spreading the message of faith and love taught by the founder of the Schoenstatt movement, Father José Kentenich.

Join the Pilgrim Mother Apostolate

If you are interested in hosting the image of the Pilgrim Virgin of Schoenstatt in your home, or if you feel called to commit yourself as a Missionary, assuming custody of the image for a year or longer, we invite you to contact Verónica González. You can send an email to email or visit our Facebook page.
Let’s echo the words of Father Joseph Kentenich, “Take the image of the Mother of God and give it a place of honor in your homes. This way, your homes will become small sanctuaries in which the image of grace will pour out blessings, creating holy family soil and sanctifying family members.”
Are you ready to receive this blessing and offer refuge to the Pilgrim Virgin of Schoenstatt? All those seeking to renew their faith are invited to participate in this sacred pilgrimage and receive the blessings of Christ through his image.