Schoenstatt Tampa Bay Teachings: An Exploration of Faith and Unity

Delve into the spiritual teachings of Schoenstatt Tampa Bay. Understand the principles of Covenant of Love and The Double Edge Sword, and get an introduction to our vibrant community.

Introduction to Schoenstatt Tampa Bay

Welcome to Schoenstatt Tampa Bay, a faith-based community rooted in the teachings of Father Joseph Kentenich. We are a vibrant group dedicated to spiritual growth, unity, and the transformative power of love. Our community thrives on the principles of the Covenant of Love and the Double Edge Sword, which guide our spiritual journey.

Covenant of Love

The Covenant of Love is the heart of our spiritual life. It’s a mutual agreement between us and the Blessed Mother, where we offer our efforts, sacrifices, and prayers to her, and in return, she offers her guidance, protection, and intercession. This covenant is not just a one-time event, but a living relationship that grows and deepens over time. It is a source of grace, transforming ordinary life experiences into extraordinary moments of spiritual growth.

The Double Edge Sword

The Double Edge Sword symbolizes two fundamental aspects of our spiritual journey: self-education and divine providence. One edge of the sword represents our efforts to grow spiritually through self-discipline, prayer, and active participation in the community. The other edge symbolizes God’s active role in our lives, shaping us through blessings and challenges. Together, these two aspects help us to become instruments in the hands of the Blessed Mother, ready to serve according to God’s will.