Preparación Virtual a la Alianza de Amor con Maria / Virtual Preparation for the Covenant of Love with Maria

Conferencia II Alianza de Amor / Conference II Covenant of Love

Covenant of Love Part III/ Alianza de Amor Parte III

Covenant of Love Preparation IV – Capital of Grace / Alianza de Amor IV – Capital de Gracia

These are the videos Father Carlos recommended during this talk / Estos son los videos que el Padre Carlos recomendó durante esta conferencia.

Part VI: The Family is Schoenstatt / Parte VI: La Familia de Schoenstatt

Deacon Dr. Ron Rojas provides an introduction to Schoenstatt’s pedagogy in five main points. / El Diacono Dr. Ron Rojas provee una introdución a la pedagogia de Schoenstatt en 5 puntos prinicpales.

In Part I: We see how the spirituality of Schoenstatt responds to modern humans feeling orphans.

In this Part 2 of the Spirituality of Schoenstatt, we provide a small video of the Key symbols inside the Shrine.

In this video, we cover how the spirituality of Schoenstatt responds to the needs of Modern Man who feels homeless, who longs to connect and belong, and who feels powerless and impotent against exterior and interior forces that act against us.

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